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How to maintain the "sweet" solid wood furniture

How to maintain the "sweet" solid wood furniture

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How to maintain solid wood furniture is a problem. More and more families like to buy solid wood furniture, but the solid wood is also "squeaky"
How to maintain solid wood furniture is a problem. More and more families like to buy solid wood furniture, but the solid wood is also "squeaky", it is not good to see "wrinkles", then how to maintain solid wood furniture, look at the five major aspects of solid wood furniture maintenance.
Solid wood furniture is generally poor in heat resistance, so keep it away from heat sources when using it. Under normal circumstances, try to avoid direct sunlight, because strong ultraviolet rays will cause the lacquer surface of solid wood furniture to fade; in addition, the heat and luminaires that can emit strong heat will also deform the solid wood furniture, and should be kept away as far as possible; Put the hot water cup, teapot and other things directly on the solid wood furniture, otherwise it will burn the solid wood furniture.
Although solid wood furniture is durable, its paint surface is easily faded. To this end, furniture must always be waxed. You can gently wipe the surface of the furniture with a damp cloth and some neutral detergent. When you rub it, follow the texture of the wood. After cleaning, wipe it with a dry cloth or sponge and a professional wood wax. The waxing should take the center as the origin, first and then the middle. However, it is best not to use waxing too often, preferably 1 or 2 times a year.
The connection structure is extremely important for solid wood furniture. Once loose or falling off, solid wood furniture cannot be used. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there are parts falling off, degumming, broken hoes, loose eyes, etc. at these joints. If the screws and other parts fall off, you can clean the screw holes first, then fill a hole in the hole, and finally reinstall the screws. If the hoe breaks, it needs to be handled by professional maintenance personnel.
The indoor humidity in winter is higher than that in the outdoor. Therefore, ventilation in the winter window will only make the outside cold air come in and make the room more dry. Therefore, it is recommended that households with more solid wood furniture at home should reduce the time and frequency of window ventilation in winter to maintain the proper humidity in the room. Also note that solid wood furniture should be avoided in the vents.
In winter, the temperature is low, and in order to keep warm, each family will have their own heaters. Sometimes in order to get closer to the heat source, I will unwittingly pull the heater to the side of the solid wood furniture. As everyone knows, these furniture are afraid of high temperature, long-term high-temperature baking, easy to make the wood lose moisture, local dry cracking, deformation, paint film deterioration. It is best to place the solid wood furniture at least 1 meter away from the heater.

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