Scale advantage

Factory area is about 35,000 square meters. 

We have five panel furniture production lines and about 80 production workers

Technical advantages

All products, we use environment-friendly materials and the good quality hardware.

Quality advantage



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Our entrepreneurial spirit is: united as one, united as a city, as the day rises, such as the constant of the month, the industry to the country, a higher level.
Our principle of being a man is: patriotism loves the family and loves the enterprise.
Our safety philosophy is: safety is a blessing to the individual, safety is the blessing of the family, and safety is the blessing of the enterprise.
Our business philosophy is: outstanding reputation, winning customers; quality is good, win the market.
Our job requirements are: day after day, improve efficiency, manage carefully, and make mistakes.
Our three guidelines are: for the sake of users before manufacturing, for the user in manufacturing, and for the user after manufacturing.
Our requirements for production are: safety-oriented, quality-oriented, environmentally-oriented, and health-oriented.
Our corporate mission is: a hundred-year-old building, Jin Shuai waterproof, providing long-lasting and safe waterproof protection for human construction projects.

Our trading partners are all over the world, main markets: Europe, South America, Africa, Middle-East, Southeast Asia, and so on.

Our sales range